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Affordable Foundation is a leading foundation repair company serving the San Antonio, TX metro area. The company has years of experience in the local industry and specializes in many types of problems that are associated with foundations, leveling, cracks and more. For homeowner’s peace of mind, they are fully licensed and insured. We are a foundation repair contractor that routinely handles cracked mortar joints in brick and block. Mortar joints have a tendency to crack as a home settles, and Affordable Foundation routinely removes the cracked mortar and replaces it with fresh cement. In addition to repointing mortar joints,


Fix Your Foundation | House Leveling

San Antonio house leveling is one of the key services that Affordable Foundation offers, and the firm has the tools, technology and labor power to ensure any job is repaired with minimal time and expense. Erosion is just one cause to foundation issues while many homes have improper drainage that causes certain areas of a home to sink. Flowing water washes sand and dirt away from a foundation’s piers and causes them to sink. This type of problem causes one section of a home to lose a few inches, and all of the structural members are then out of level with the rest of the home.


Costs to fix concrete foundation

San Antonio foundation repair costs depend on the amount and type of damage, and several issues affect a particular job. Affordable Foundation has the experience to ensure that any leveling or concrete cracks are repaired with minimal expenses and offers free estimates on all of its work. Repointing brick or block foundations is the most affordable job and often prevents expensive damages in the future. San Antonio house leveling can be more expensive and depends on the amount of damage that is encountered. Often, the costs are handled on a time and material basis because there is no way to know the exact damages.


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